Sunday, August 9, 2015

In these poems,the younger brother's pain resulting from his parent's early death can be seen. In "Cornwall" an abyss is shaped like the tree that confronted his parents and, in "Afterword", it is a crisis of vision corresponding to the tree that confronted his parents. "Midnight" highlights the results of the parents' death with the line "you boys are though our whole childhood had an exhausted quality". A beautiful poetic description in "Midnight" is: "Below, the river sparkled. As I said, everything glittered - the stars, the bridge lights, the important illuminated buildings that seem to stop at the river then resume again, man's work interrupted by nature."

In my first blog I said I was interested in words which are repeated in the book. One such word is glittered ( or glittering ). In one sense this refers to small pieces of highly reflective material. However in another,this refers to actions which could manifest a certain results, if the action is taken. For example, in the poem "A Sharply Worded Silence"  there is a glittering door knob the person in the garden would stare at (after her wanderings) contrasted with the poet's assumption that at some point, there would be a glittering door knob (for her ).

"Glittering" refers to landscapes, too. This helps the reader notice not only the effects, but the varied associations that affect the reader as well.

This marks the halfway point in Ms. Gluck's book. this half could be compared to the full moon,  while for me, the second half of the book represents the dark side of the moon.

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  1. Very interesting and insightful post, Gloria. Perhaps, we could use your blog entries as a jumping off point for our discussions of Gluck's poetry on Saturday.